Major Medical / HMO / PPO

Dr. Silva is enrolled as a provider in most insurance groups in California. If he is a provider for your insurance company your office visit charges will be submitted by our billing department. You will NOT be charged for this at the time of service. Each insurance company varies in their payments for our charges. We agree to accept their discounts and their payment for the charges. However, your agreement with your insurance company may require that you pay a certain percentage of the charges (such as a co-pay, deductible, or a percentage of the services provided). In this case you agree to be fully responsible for your portion of your bill.

Pre-authorizations or referrals to be seen or treated at this clinic is your responsibility. You are responsible for knowing what your plan will cover. If you have questions, please contact your insurance company.

In some cases you may be treated with services that are considered "investigational" or "medically unnecessary" by your insurance company, treatments such as Spinal Decompression, and TENS units. Charges for these services will not be submitted to your insurance company. Non-covered procedures are charged at the time of service, while covered services will be billed to your insurance company. This policy/agreement serves as notice that the procedure, Spinal Decompression, will not be billed to your insurance, unless authorized in writing, in advance of treatment. You will be provided with a treatment estimate prior to treatment which will outline costs, number of treatments, and length of treatments. By signing this agreement, you agree that you have been informed that this is not a covered procedure and that you will be responsible for the full payment at the time of service.